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Program Features at Glance


An immersive online classroom

Learn through live, instructor-led lectures and pair programming with fellow classmates. Commit 20-30 hours per week without quitting your job.


1-on-1 mentorship

Meet with an industry veteran weekly and build deeply technical and impressive projects for your portfolio. Getting your certificate is the first step. We want you to get a job you’ll love.


Flexibility to meet your needs

Multiple financing options are available along with special scholarships for USD PCE alumni.


Both online programs are designed for beginners who want to land their first job as a web developer or data science. They combine in-depth, project-based learning with 1-on-1 mentorship sessions weekly with industry professionals.

Web Development

Learn web development such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as advanced skills in Node.js, React, data structures and algorithms. Build full stack JavaScript applications and finish with a strong portfolio to show future employers.

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Data Science

Learn analysis and experiment design, predictive modeling and classification techniques. Choose from one of seven specializations: Deep learning, Time Series, Advanced NLP, Network analysis, Biostatistics, Economics or Social Science, and Big Data.

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*This program is offered in partnership with Thinkful, Inc.